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Feb 19, 2014, Cosmos Hotel of Taipei wins "Travellers' Choice" award from renowned travel review site, TripAdvisor

The TripAdvisor website provides a travel exchange platform that has more than 56 million customer query hits per month making it an important source of information and recommendations for travellers worldwide. The latest Travellers' Choice peer review awards, voted on worldwide by international members with international media participation, are based on personal travel experiences, degrees of satisfaction, and pricing evaluations. Critiques include both international and domestic Taiwan hotels using various accommodation options to select the best of 5 main categories "Top Hotels", "Best Luxury Hotels", " Best Family Hotels", "Best Bargain Hotels", and "Best B&Bs and Inns".

Basis authentic service and an excellent location, Cosmos Hotel of Taipei won Travellers’ Choice awards in 2 separate categories, "Best Family Hotel", and "Best Bargain Hotel”; reaffirming the hotel’s high quality of service. Going forward Cosmos Hotel of Taipei will continue its wholehearted commitment to all clients, both domestic and international, through the provision of meticulous care imparting an experience of home-like comfort.

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