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Dec 03, 2013, Exclusivity • Indulgence Taipei Cosmos Launches In Room Spa Service

The inaugural introduction of In-Room Spa Service at the Cosmos Hotel Taipei.

Unwind after a long day’s work with a deeply relaxing Aromatherapy Spa treatment to loosen taut muscles and soothe a stressed mind.No need to step out, call for a professional consultation and reserve the essential oil aromatherapy treatment most suited to you;our Aroma-therapist will arrive your room at the appointed hour for your exclusive service.

Naturally soothing aromas combined with the gentle and healing touch of our aroma-therapist trained in deep tissue massage techniques will relieve the accumulated discomfort of your aches and pains while serene fragrances will transport your body, mind and soul to a calm and natural state releasing the day's stress.

In addition, our facial massage therapy tailored to the unique and innate characteristics of your skin and utilizing elite French Salon brand,Dr. Renaud, with a lymphatic drainage facial massage will rejuvenate your complexion.

Take some time to cherish mind and body by repairing damaged muscles, revitalizing facial skin-tone and healing a stressed mind. Recover your healthy state.Suitable for all ages;enjoy luxurious service in the comfort of privacy.

Essential Oil, Stress-Reduction Aromatherapy - Full Body Essential Oil Care 

[Classic Care]                      60 Mins.      NT$2,000

[Energy Revitalization]        90 Mins.     NT$2,800

[Luxurious Serenity]           120 Mins    NT$3,600

Facial Treatments

[Fine Moisturizing Treatment]        90 Mins.     NT$2,200

[Oily Complexion Acne Control Treatment]      NT$2,200

[In Room Spa Appointment Time]:

Monday thru Saturday 18:00 to 02:00am 

For details please contact the front desk

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