Cosmos Creation

Combined with themed hotel experiences to promote a traveling lifestyle

Launched by the Cosmos Hotels and Resorts , Cosmos Creation is a brand new business platform that incorporates lifestyle through the 3C concepts of culture, Customization and creativity. Its two main focuses are hotel operation and product retail channels. The goal of the product retail channels is to ‘incorporate hotel themes and promote a traveler’s lifestyle’, because a hotel offers not only services, but also experiences and memories, which then become creative life ideas. Cosmos Creation aims to inspire changes in the constant movement of the daily life, and offer memories that the guests can take away from their travel accommodations. In addition, Cosmos Creation products are also available through its online store . We aim to promote locally made and designed products that incorporate the culture of Taiwan, which will expand your travels from mere memories to a part of your life.


Cosmos Hotel Taipei offers a superior local product selection from around the island that will make unique and memorable gifts and souvenirs.


Location: Ground Floor